Burbage Edge, Higger Tor and Carl Wark

It's been sometime since I did any serious walking, (or photography) having spent most of 2011 on my woodwork, (Furniture and Picture Frame making). But with plans for the Arctic in April I thought I should get back into the swing of walking - and the freezing temperatures made it possible to test out the new Arctic clothing.

This is a 6 mile walk (approx.) that I hadn't done since May 2007. I can remember it was quite an easy walk then but this time I was puffing away at each small incline - it just shows how out of condition I'd got - despite all those gym sessions!

The walk starts and ends at the National Trust, Longshaw Estate Car Park, (on the A6187 near the Fox House Inn), and except for the brief walk through woodland at the start of the walk offers uninterrupted views across the plantations in the bottom of the valley of Burbage Brook to the outcrops of Carl Wark, Higger Tor and beyond to the Mam Tor ridge and Win Hill.

The walk offers constant opportunities for the photographer, especially at this time of the year when the low sun (and clear skies) creates; long shadows that add definition to the surrounding rocks, and saturates the colour of the surrounding bracken. Apart from the odd shadow needing to be lightened, and a little cropping, the photographs below needed no post processing!

Higger Tor (on the Horizon), Carl Wark (mid ground) from the most southerly point of Burbage Edge

from above the old quarries on Burbage Edge (South)
Abandoned millstones and grindstones litter the old quarries built into the face of the Edge 

Looking across the valley we can see the return path we will take to the right of Carl Wark to cross Burbage Brook at the stone footbridge located at the lower corner of the lower plantation

Our first view of the Northern Edge - a favourite with climbers

And at last we make it onto the Northern Edge

Looking out to Callow Bank from the ascent of Higger Tor

The awesome Leaning Buttress
... and the equally magnificent, but from here partially obscured, Chockstone Window

Looking back towards Higger Tor from the ascent of Carl Wark

The charming stone footbridge across Burbage Brook

Almost at the Duke's Drive we take a look north towards Burbage Edge (North)

As always the GPS track can be downloaded from the EveryTrail site by following the link below - you can also explore the track in 3D by switching the map to Google Earth.

Burbage Edge | Higger Tor | Carl Wark at EveryTrail


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