Spoleto - city of hills

On the return to Papiano from the Plains of Castellucio we dropped in to Spoleto in order to view the Ponte del Torri a spectacular ten-arcade aquaduct work that connects Colle Sant' Elia with Monteluco.
The tourist view of the Ponte del Torri
Built in the fourteenth century, and defended by towers (hence the name), this functioned as both a bridge and aqueduct; apparently a route led directly up to the Rocca to allow for quick escapes over the gorge in times of siege.

It can be reached after a long fine-view walk around the Rocca. However getting to the Rocca from the car parks, in the city, used to mean a long hot climb. But now the city has installed an enormous escalator that takes all the sweat out of the climb - which in that heat even I would have thought twice about doing, (maybe I'm getting old). Nonetheless it had been a long day and while I explored around the aqueduct - trying to find the best viewpoints - the others settled down at a roadside bar (with the tourist view - above) to a well deserved cold drink.

A view hidden from the road
I wandered down the road - not really having much luck, as the further down hill I went the more the view was obscured by roadside trees. Until I found  a break in the roadside railings allowing access onto a small hillside olive grove. Exploring further I came to a rocky overhang that provided virtually face on, unobstructed views through the aquaduct arches.

My picture of the day
I then had a long sweaty climb back uphill, to the others, where fortunately they had a long cool beer waiting for me.

Below is the viewpoint for my Picture of the day.

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