Marmore Falls - A waiting game

Iconic Marmore Falls shot - seen from Vasi square, along the Valnerina road
I had been waiting for this excursion all holiday and although it didn't dissapoint, the waiting around and my photos did.

Tourist Map of the Falls Complex
We started by visiting the top waterfall (upper outlook on the map) with a view to taking route 1 down to the lower outlook later. Unfortunately route 1 - below the viewpoint was closed. 

 At first it was just a slow trickle, ......

then after about a 20 min. wait the 'tap' was turned on....

 As route 1 was closed we knew we wouldnt have time to get down to the lower viewpoint before the 'tap' was turned off. Never mind - so we took route 5. This should have given us fine alternative views before the flow was stopped. No such luck - every viewpoint was blocked by overgrown shrubbery and the path itself had nothing else to recommend it. By the time we got back to the top car park the 'tap' had been turned off so we headed for the only 'restaurant' for lunch.

Please dear reader don't make the same mistake unless you like greasy slop (although the Germans did appear to enjoy it). Instead head straight down to the lower car park where Porquetta is on offer all day every day.

Feeling a little queezy after luch, we headed, by car, down to the lower outlook. However we still had at least an hour before the tap would be turned on again,
A great viewpoint on Path 4

so we decided to explore path 4. This was quite good and provided what I would later realise were perhaps the best viewpoints, esp. if you had a good zoom lens. But the 'tap' was off.

Back to the lower level just in time for the 'tap' to be turned on. I took lots of pictures and managed to get the one shot that seems to feature on all the postcards, calendars, etc.,
My, (one and only), Picture of the Day
but most were ruined by the spray from the upper fall. As the rate of flow increased the spray developed into a thick fog making all photography an underwater activity..... I spent the rest of that night cleaning my camera and lens. The lens in particular was quite difficult to clean - if I hadn't known better I would have said it was coated in honeydew.

So.... impressive falls - that I wouldn't have missed - but the photos were a disaster.

Link to Official Site: here (with opening times and admission prices) and wiki for all that important background information.

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