Gubbio - An ancient city built on the side of Monte Ingino

We parked outside the city walls next to the ruins of the Roman Theatre. Once inside the city we walked around the Church of San Francesco.

Statue of St Francis outside the Church of San Francesco

To be totally honest I found little of any interest in the church - just one more of many, many Italian churches. The most interesting feature was the statue of the man himself outside the church.

Looking up towards Palazzo dei Consoli from Via Piccardi

We started our exploration of this most hilly and beautiful city by walking up Via Piccardi and taking the elevator up to the Piazza Grande and the Palazzo dei Consoli.

the Panorama from the walls of the Piazza Grande
In the foreground is the bell tower of the Church of San Giovanni,
in the background the Church of San Francesco and
the long arcaded building between the two is the Logge dei Tiratori

Having been built on the side of a hill the photo opportunities were many. Unfortunately I was snapping like a lunatic and not really looking. I guess I missed a lot and many of the shots I did take were spoilt by distracting power cables, etc.. When will I ever learn!! Argh!!!

The Cable-car links the city with Monte Ingino (908 metres above sea-level)
and the Basilica of Sant’ Ubaldo.
 We explored many of the small streets until we arrived at the cable car that took us in a birdcage basket to the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo (patron saint of Gubbio) at the top of Mount Ingino and overlooking the city - breathtaking.

After a meal of Porqetta and a beer we had a short wander around the church - there was a continuous stream of visitors paying respects to the mummified remains of Saint Ubaldo in a glass sarcophagus - gruesome. Clearly this church is a little different to the usual Italian churches we've seen.
My Picture of the Day
The Cathedral (Duomo) seen through one of the arches of the Roman Theatre
 Then we wandered back through the streets to the car park. But before leaving we took a quick tour around the Roman Theatre.

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