A Panorama of Assisi
  We had intended to walk up Mount Subasio, and time permitting explore the city later. But it was so hot we decided instead to just enjoy a leisurely exploration of the city. Fortunately in the Piazza del Commune we came across a large group dressed in medieval clothing - drummers, crossbow-men, lords & ladies, etc. They attracted large crowds and created a lot of excitement, esp. among the photographers among us. Later we discovered that it was all a prelude to a crossbow competition between Assisi bowmen and another Umbrian city. (we like to think the opponents were from Gubbio, as we saw a practice session earlier in the week when we explored Gubbio).


 It's a wonder the drum skins didn't break given the 'wellie' these guys were putting into it - terrific!

Rocca Maggiore dominates the skyline of the back streets of Assisi

Rocca Minore
 In the past the Small Fort was also of a certain military importance: standing on the hill to the right of the Great Fort, to which it was once connected and which predates it.

Statue of 'Pilgrim' overlooks the Basilica from Piazza Superiore di S. Francesco

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