Pednvounder Beach from Logans Rock

This was a wonderful circular walk from Treen to Porthcurno and back. Not only were there fabulous landscapes and beaches, but there's also a wealth of wildlife to be seen both on land and out to sea, (including Basking Shark - the lifeguards at Porthcurno frequently have to warn swimmers not to harass them as they are a protected species).
See GPS track at the end of this post, (follow the link to my Everytrail site to download the track).
It took a while for the sea mist to clear
Unfortunately the walk started out in less than perfect conditions - with sea mist rising onto the beaches to obscure the view. But fortunately by the time I reached the granite headland of Logan's Rock, towering over the absolutely fabulous Pednvounder Beach, the sun was begining to win the battle.
A beach as good as any in the Mediterranean!
I did have to hang around for a short time, waiting for the mist to clear and I sensed Barbara was becoming impatient to move on - a photographer has to strike a fine balance if he's going to enjoy both his photography and the pleasant company of a non-photographer on these walks! But in the end we both enjoyed the almost tropical landscape that eventually emerged from the mist.

Inspiration: When the sun is shining and the air is clear Pedna Beach could without any doubt be mistaken as a Mediterranean beach - soft fine golden sand with a crystal clear blue/green sea - it could almost be tropical! But this was Cornwall and I wanted a picture that said this is the English Med!
The heather makes it clear this is no Mediterranean beach
Vision: The purple heather in the first picture screamed English Moorland. Unfortunately the mist also hinted at the cold damp of middle England. The second photo was a better representation of the Med., but it was a bit too contrasty, and still a bit too cold - the mist had just cleared. The perfect image would be a combination of the two photographs brightened up a bit.

Post Processing: in Nikon Capture NX2 the following was applied to both images:
  • In Camera Settings applied Picture Contol>Landscape and increased sharpening to 8
  • In Quickfix applied a shallow S curve and 40% shadow protection
  • converted to TIF format
Then I loaded both TIF images into Photoshop in order to copy the clump of heather from the first image onto the second, i.e.
  • create a new layer on the second image by selecting all of image 1 (with clump of heather) and dragging it onto the second,
  • convert the new layer to a new smart object,
  • reduce opacity of new layer and resize and reposition until happy with the placement of the clump of heather,
  • rasterize the smart object layer and erase all unwanted parts of the layer, leaving only the clump of heather,
  • restore layer opacity to 100% and flatten the image before saving the image as a new TIF file.
Finally in Capture NX2 fine tune the new TIF file to give the sand and surrounding cliffs a more Mediterranean feel:
  • in Quickfix brighten the midtones by dragging the mid point of the curve towards the upper left,
  • using Selection Control Points on the beach and several of the sandy coloured areas of the cliff, apply the Colour Booster to produce a slightly more golden colour.

click on the waypoints to see the photographs taken at that location

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