Should've been in Italy

Yes I should have been here...
The sun shines on Assisi
but due to the recent eruption of that Icelandic volcano, and it causing the closure of all European airspace, I had to make do with staying in Ambleside, in the Lake District, and visiting ....

Blea Tarn
Stock Ghyll Force
Scale Force
While the walking and weather was good, and the Hotel was great; I had been looking forward to some warm Italian sun. Even in the sun the Lake District was still damned cold. And the short notice meant there was little chance to properly plan any walks. So I did the touristy thing - got out a guide book (last used when Barbara and I took the kids on holiday - Andrew's almost 30 now - a long time ago) and selected a couple of the easy tourist walks, and went to see the sights. I hope the photos aren't too clich├ęd?


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