Sheringham Park and Beach Walk

At last a day clear of precipitation, damp and with good overall light. A good day for a bracing walk on the coast I think.

(although some might prefer a loftier view)
Location: After parking at the National Trust's Sheringham Park, Barbara and I had a pleasant, liesurely stroll down to the beach, (see the EveryTrail map at the bottom of this posting).

We had been expecting to find the sea, as usual, lapping gently up to the pebble beach, and no sign of sand, but....
- from the cliff tops the exposed chalk looked like sea foam -
Surprise surprise, for the first time in the thirty years we've been visiting this place, the tide was very low, and the underlying chalk had been exposed.
The exposed chalk forms a resistant shoal (called Robin Friend), which is only exposed at low spring tides.

Rare flint ammonites are occasionally exposed (see to left). Although we saw these strange structures at the time, we could only speculate as to what they were, and I didn't take any pictures. Hence the picture, here, is courtesy of Bill Little, Sheringham and the Norfolk Museums and Archeology Service.

Inspiration: Despite there being plenty of snow over the past few months, I didn't fancy adding my name to the already considerable list of people calling out the rescue services. So this expanse of exposed white chalk was the nearest I was going to get to a 'white out' this year.

I know - sad, (but safe - I'm not willing to take unnecessary risks for my 'art').

my picture of the day - The Meringue Coast -

Technique: I always expect a degree of over exposure with my D80's matrix metering and I'm rarely disappointed. I could have adjusted the camera's exposure compensation, but life's too short - I've always been able to satisfactorily adjust exposure in NX2, (the +/- 2ev 'safety' margin has always been enough - just). Now if I knew I didn't have to post process, in order to apply the Landscape Picture Control (see previous posting) then I might try to get the exposure right in camera. Hmm, maybe I need a new camera (now there's a thought).
My only other thought was to maximise Depth of Field by setting exposure to Aperture Priority and closing down the apperture from F/8 until the Depth of Field preview displayed a continuously sharp image. Not difficult with such good light reflecting back at the camera from the white chalk.

With the sun behind me the only problem was keeping my own shadow out of frame.
Camera Work: RAW(12bit), focal length 29mm; exposure (aperture priority) : ISO 100, F/10 at 1/200sec.; (default camera settings)

Post Processing:
  • In Nikon View NX applied Landscape Picture Control (adjusted for sharpening, +8, and brightness -1).
  • In Nikon Capture NX2 reduced exposure -0.48ev and increased shadow protection to 50%

Sheringham Park and Beach

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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