Xian - Dinner at the Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant

Location: Xian Tang Dynasty Theatre Resaurant
Well how do you beat a spectacle like the Terracotta Warriors? You can't, but dinner at the Tang Dynasty Theatre restaurant was the perfect way to round off a truly wonderous day,
It's a place to relax, enjoy a fine meal and delight in an exciting non-stop show of cultural beauty! I enjoyed every bit of it. The girls even seemed to enjoy being photographed - I swear they posed especially for me.

Technique: Well, given the volume of wine I drank there wasn't much technique to talk of. I wasn't going to use flash - and the girls seemed to appreciate that, and rewarded me by looking straight into the lens - so I was again restricted to shooting at a speed of 1/30 sec. on Auto ISO. I just prayed that the noise levels would be acceptable - they turned out to be surprisingly good at ISO 400.

Post Capture: in Nikon Capture NX2
Exposure was surprisingly, perfect for all of my shots. So apart from cropping out the heads of people sat in front of me all I had to adjust was the White Balance - to compensate for all that stage lighting - which I did by manually setting the Gray Point on the first image above, and using (almost) the same settings for all the other images. The colours turned out well I think? 

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