Grey Seal Pup's at Horsey

It's time to plan another trip out to Horsey. The beach is the home for dozens of grey seal pup's from late November to early January.

While wildlife photography is not really my thing I can't help but be amused by the antics of some of the older seal pup's that litter the dunes. They make their way up from the cordoned off beach onto the path through the dunes - as if to check out the curious humans that parade up and down. The seals park themselves on the path blocking the way until they've had their pictures taken, (what posers they are). Then after letting out a grumpy bark, they waddle, like over-inflated lilo's, out of your way - as if to say: "move on, I'm bored now, and there are other people waiting to take my picture".

This angelic fellow was the most gregarious (and grumpiest) pup I encountered.  

Technique: I didn't want to disturb the pup's so I kept my distance and used my 18-200mm lens to zoom in as much as I could. Apart from that it was more a matter of waiting for the pups to strike a pose rather than trying to compose the perfect shot. More a case of being patient and taking snapshots - no technique to speak of.

Camera Work: Nikon D80, Raw(21 bit), Focal Length 200mm, Exposure: 1/250 sec. at F/5.6 ISO 400

Post Capture: In Nikon Capture NX2
  • increased Sharpening from (in Camera) Normal to High
  • increased Saturation/Warmth to 75% & 15% resp.
Location & GPS track: An excellent walk that takes in the seals and typical Norfolk Broads scenery, such as that below, can be downloaded, or viewed on Google Earth, from my EveryTrail collection of walks,

see Brograve Pump on the walk
 by following the link: Horsey at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Community

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  1. Awesome stuff, thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.



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