Craster and Dunstanburgh Castle

A poor imitation of Joe Cornish's Cannonball Beach (see inspiration)
Location: The Trail can be inspected and downloaded to GPS from alternatively go to the EveryTrail site at the bottom of this post.

Inspiration: A picture by my favorite landscape photographer Joe Cornish (see: - If I'm honest I would have dearly liked to capture something similar to JC's famous picture - but there was little chance as the weather just wasn't comparable. What makes JC's image is so powerful is the powerful waves.  Hey but it was good to stand in the great man's footsteps.
Instead I chose to concentrate on the southern aspect of the castle (despite the scaffolding - I cant remember a landscape I've visited over the past 5 years - overseas and in the UK - that hasn't been covered in scaffolding /posters/etc.).
Picture of the day:

Dunstanburgh Castle & Rock Pool
I particularly liked this composition because of the layered effect created by:
  1. the foreground rock pool with the reflected clouds - they add a little more interest,
  2. the bordering sandstone boulders which add colour,
  3. the almost black layer of higher level rocks (in cloud shadow),
  4. the green pasture in front of the castle,
  5. the castle, and finally
  6. the almost grey sky.
The layers add depth to the image as well as giving it a little more interest.
Camera Work: Nikon D80 with Polarising Filter, Raw(12-bit), ISO 125, Focal Length: 36mm, Exposure: 1/30sec at F/16, Color Mode IIIa, Sharpening: High
Post Capture: In Capture NX2:
  • adjusted White balance by setting gray point,
  • adjusted Picture Control: Tone Compensation - High, Saturation - enhanced
  • Exposure compensation - (-0.3ev)
  • set Black & White control points
  • reduced brightness (29%) of sky and reflection in pool.
Style: organised landscape
Around Craster at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Community

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