Wast Water Circular

(Thursday 4th June 2009)

Illgill Head from Whin Rigg - a featureless sea of grass, a good place to walk
the dog.

The trail can be inspected and downloaded to GPS from http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=430861 alternatively go to the EveryTrail site at the bottom of this post.

After 2 days of being 'looked after' by Andrew we decided that I would do a walk on my own while he went off to do something more challenging.

I decided to do what I thought might be close to the ultimate edge walk over the top of Wast Water Screes. So I set off from the campsite for Illgill Head with my companion for the day - Alfred Wainright.

It was an easy, uneventful and featureless ascent, but I was looking forward to excellent photo opportunities along the edge.

On reaching the summit of Illgill Head, (according to my GPS, because I had nothing else to go on - there was nothing to distinguish the summit cairn from any of the others littered along the path), I searched for Wainrights "remarkable point of vantage". Unfortunately, on this occasion, I have to disagree with Alfred - this view wouldn't even rate a mention in the Peak District. And the prospect of anything better on the path to Whin Rigg looked unlikely.

I have come to realise that Alfred, bless him, always tries to talk positively about his walks. Unfortunately this can be misleading in a guide book. The honest truth is that the only reason I might walk this route again is to give the dog a good free run - I don't have a dog.

Wast Water from Greathall Gill

The views only started to improve on the descent by Greathall Gill, .........

Lund Bridge

but the first picture of any merit didn't happen until I came across Lund Bridge. I would have loved to explore different angle but is on private land and much of the riverbank was either fenced off or fallen away. A pity but a lovely peaceful place - I should have dallied a little longer regardless.

Whin Rigg from Woodhow Farm

Close to the bridge as you pass through a field of curious cows to the main road by Woodhow Farm, the magnificent face of Whin Rigg came into view. And what a view. Despite being on the road it would be missed by most drivers as, just at this point, the road is lined by woodland that obscures the view all the way back down to Wast Water.

Back on the road you might think the going would be tedious - not a bit of it. The roadside flowers were unexpected, glorious and various; ranging from Yellow Poppies to Foxgloves - to name just two (had Barbara been with me I'm sure she would have been able to name many more). Its amazing what you miss in the car.

By the time I got to the edge of Wast Water the light had deteriorated badly. The view towards Wasdale Head (voted the best view in England) was shrouded in a light but glum mist; and the Screes weren't much better. So, I found a comfortable spot and fell asleep for a good quarter of an hour. When I woke the light wasn't much better, so I decided to continue my walk. It was getting noisy anyway, with the constant coming and going of tourists in their cars. It amused me listening to the conversations, esp. when a young boy asked his Dad what lake this was, and his Father replied this is Coniston Water! Poor kid.

Picture of the Day

The Screes

Inspiration: I'd been disappointed by the walk but had my spirits lifted by the roadside flowers. The light had been poor by the Screes, so I was pleased when, towards the end of the walk, I came across this clump of foxgloves by the side of the road, and I was able to combine the two - the roadside flowers backed by a fleeting glimpse of sun on the Screes.

Camera Work: RAW(12 bit), ISO 140, Focal Length 18mm, Exposure: F/10 @ 1/30 sec.

The Screes - Original Unprocessed Image

Post Capture: In Capture NX2

  • Exposure Compensation: -0.97
  • set White Balance colour temp. to Daylight Cloudy (5200K)
  • added 14% highlight protection
  • added 40% shadow protection
  • minor crop to A3+ size (for printing)
  • set Black & White Control Points
  • applied a Colour Control Point to lift the sky
  • applied a mask to the screes and adjusted brightness and contrast.

Hmm quite a lot of post processing but worth the effort I think. The most important element again was the exposure compensation - which I again forgot to set. All the other adjustments were minor.

The Screes - Post processed Image

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  1. Beautiful location and very nice photos, the technical tips are also usefull. Thanks!



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