Lingmoor Fell & Blea Tarn

Bleatarn House and Side Pike

Route: It's the second day of our long weekend in the Lake District and the cloud is still covering the high fells. So, Andrew agreed there was no point trying to do the Bowfell route again - so we headed for the relatively clear Lingmoor Fell. (To investigate the route and/or download it to GPS follow the link to )

Despite the relatively clear conditions, compared with yesterdays Bowfell walk, every photo had the problem of low cloud in the background and; as we climbed higher the mist increased.

The problem is that the cloud and mist are composed of large droplets of water that diffuses and scatters the light, making exposure and white balance tricky. Each photo had a blue cast and the cloud had a subtle pink glow (see pre processed photo above) - nothing like the real thing!

The UV content in the air made the distant cloud blue - a UV filter would possibly have helped but I didn't have one to hand as I always make the mistake of thinking UV = bright sunny conditions.

However, although the mist & cloud hides detail, colour and crispness it can produce some wonderfully evocative scenes. In the mountains it can help create a sense of menace.

Vision: As all mountain walkers know that the cloud/mist can fall suddenly & quickly lead to problems, e.g. cold, disorientation, etc. The vision here was to replicate to some degree that feeling of menace.

Post Processing (in Nikon Capture NX2): The big problem was how to get rid of that blue cast. I could have made a Hue adjustment or altered the colour balance but both failed to adequately improve colour contrast.

In the end I decided to adjust the grey point in the White Balance setting, using a marquee sample in the cloud area.

To help find the appropriate area I first adjusted the exposure so that the sky area was perfectly exposed (not forgetting to reset the exposure before applying the marquee).

OK the Vision fails completely on this one

You can see precisely where the photos were taken and view the route on GoogleEarth by following the link below, or just move your mouse over the blue waypoints.

Lingmoor Fell & Blea Tarn at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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