Gradbach to Three Shire Heads

One of the less crowded moments at the Three Shires Lido

Location: The trail can be inspected and downloaded to GPS from alternatively go to the EveryTrail site at the bottom of this post.

Technique: My intention on this walk was to capture some really good shots at Three Shires Head. Unfortunately it was a very hot day (31C) and when I got to the location I was dissapointed, but not surprised to see that the pools had been transformed into an open air swimming pool and picnic spot. Although I had lunch, waited and waited it was clear that the place was never going to clear of people long enough for me to even snatch a handful of snapshots, so.......

I was left with a couple of snapshots of Shuttlingsloe (that once again!!! could have done with a UV/Polarising filter - to get rid of some of the Haze).

The drystone wall lends some compositional interest to the shot but the reason I took it was because I thought the sheep added something to the shot. Scale? Yes; but also you can see that they were a bit skittish and not used to being disturbed - I think they give the scene a sense of disturbed solitude.

Path to Shutlingsloe from Gradbach - Original RAW image (no processing)

Camera Work: Nikon D80, RAW(12bit), ISO 200, Exposure: 1/160sec. F/13 Aperture Priority, Focal Length 90mm.

Path to Shutlingsloe from Gradbach - After post capture processing

Post Capture: In Nikon Capture NX2 -

  • applied Vivid Picture Control (with a slight reduction in brightness & saturation);
  • adjusted curves to increase midtones and brighten highlights;
  • added black & white control points
  • added several colour control point to bring out the sky detail, and
  • finally adjusted the D Lighting

Note - Picture Control and colour control points would not have been required had I used a polarising filter.

Style: Organised Landscape

You can see the photos I took, their precise location and view the route, here on the map below
(just move your mouse over the blue waypoints - click for a larger view)
or view on GoogleEarth by following the link below:
Gradbach to 3 Shire Heads at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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