Curbar & Froggatt Edge

Don't jump Andrew!

Route: Day 3 of our long weekend and we decided to give up on the Lake District - the weather was dire, but much better over almost all of the rest of the country. So we decided to head back to Andrew's home in Sheffield and give the Peak District a try before I left and went back to Norwich.

Andrew decided to be gentle and take me on an easy trail where he often does Mountain search & rescue training - along Curbar & Froggatt Edge's. The trail can be inspected and downloaded to GPS from alternatively go to the EveryTrail site at the bottom of this post.

The gritstone escarpments of Curbar & Froggatt lie on the eastern rim of the Derwent Valley, and give one of the easiest but entertaining and picturesque edge walks in the Peak District. I'll no doubt return to the area with Barbara with the aim of also covering the nearby Baslow, Birchen and Gardom edges.

Andrew taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him
(to the side of us both was a queue of people all waiting to do the same)

Technique: This place is crowded - more like a Sheffield park on a Sunday afternoon so it was quite difficult to keep unwanted figures out of shot. Nonetheless there were some interesting shots to be had. Just like the Lakes the light was difficult and I had to play with the white balance on all my shots to overcome the blue cast - I swear its the last time I make the mistake of leaving my UV & polarising filters behind.

The colours were great - take a look at the 1st shot "Dont jump Andrew" the shades of green in the fields and the mosaic of colours in the woods below. Even in the photo below the new buds on the trees cast a purple heather shading in the mid plane of the photo. Hmmm... would a UV filter have reduced the impact of the purple buds?

Vision: Then of course there was the ever present disturbing sense of vertigo all along the edges. This was the emotion I wanted to convey in all the photos.

A tight crop of Curbar Edge

I think Andrew wishes he had his climbing gear

As if to rub it in there were climbers on Froggatt Edge

You can see precisely where the photos were taken and view the route on GoogleEarth by following the link below, or just move your mouse over the blue waypoints.
Curbar & Froggatt Edge's at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

Alternatively the trail can be extended: see or

Curbar, Froggatt and White Edges at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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  1. Stunning photography! I grew up near Curbar, it was our family's sunday afternoon outing, and it has shaped the way I view nature and what I consider beautiful indelibly. I haven't lived in the area now for twenty years (other than for ten months when I lived in the shadow of the cliffs at Calver), but often, I still wake up and think, "I need to go to Curbar!" It is for me the one place in the world where everything seems to make sense. I'm having such a moment now, so googled photos of Curbar Edge and of all the pictures I found, my two favourite images, which most clearly captured my image of its grave beauty (and that vertiginous feeling you mention!), were both by you. Thank you.



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