Cavedale to Back Tor

Back Tor and Loose Hill - Original unprocessed image

Location: The trail can be inspected and downloaded to GPS from alternatively go to the EveryTrail site at the bottom of this post.

Camera Work: Nikon D80,
RAW(12 bit), ISO 100, Exposure: F6.3 at 1/60sec. Focal Length 65mm with
UV Filter.

Technique: The aim was to shoot Back Tor, but I was lucky to have a glorious day (to start with) and I was able to get some unplanned shots of the Hang Gliders off Mam Tor.

However the delay on Mam Tor was just long enough for the cloud and gloomy weather
to close in by the time I got to Back Tor.

Back Tor and Loose Hill - Post Capture processed image

Post Capture: Processing in Nikon Capture NX2:

  • Camera Setting Adjustments: High Sharpening and Enhanced Saturation

  • Quick Fix Adjustments: a very slight tweak to Curves to improve mid tones

  • Other adjustments: minor crop, an increase to contrast and reduced brightness to a selection overlay over the top half of the frame, i.e. over Back Tor and Loose Hill (this served to increase the separation of background from foreground, giving an improved perspective).

Inspiration: From this point Loose Hill seemed to be miles away and paled into insignificance against the stark face of Back Tor. I thought that if I could achieve the depth of field I would be able to give that same feeling of distance by creating three layers, i.e.

  • foreground layer with sharp detail of the drystone wall and the eroded path

  • mid layer with the dark towering face of my main subject - Back Tor

  • background layer of Loose hill fading into the distance.

I did think of waiting until the walker disappeared beneath the next rise but decided instead to include him to provide a better sense of scale to Back Tor and added perspective.

Style: Organised Landscape

You can see the photos I took, their precise location and view the route, here on the map below (just move your mouse over the blue waypoints - click for a larger view) or view on GoogleEarth by following the link below.

Cavedale to Back Tor at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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