The Band to Three Tarns (at base of Bowfell)

The Langdale Pikes are almost all below the cloud line
which is more than can be said for The Band

Route: Andrew and I had planned a long weekend camping at the National Trust Langdale Campsite. As our first walk/photoshoot we planned to climb Bowfell from the Band and the Three Tarns, then return via Ore Gap and Rossett Ghyll - the full route is available for inspection and/or download to GPS at: - as you can see from the picture above, (taken on route to the start of our climb at Stool End Farm) the weather was poor with the cloud line at 400m. So there wasn't much likelihood of getting any good photo's - unless we managed to climb above the cloud!

In the end we were beaten (OK Andrew - I was beaten), by poor visibility and several bad falls on route. Andrew cooked up a Lancashire Hot Pot at the Three Tarns in a futile attempt to revive me, but we decided (reluctantly) that it was too dangerous to continue in the snow and poor visibility (yes there was still snow - even Andrew managed to find himself waist high in snow on the last bit of the climb).

Below is the only decent picture to come out of the walk.

Just a short while later as the trail veered to the Oxendale side of The Band and I clambered up a bank to take a last look of the Langdale Pikes, the wind caught my rucksack and caught me off balance, so that I fell backwards and over onto my camera. Although shaken I wasn't hurt - but more important my trusty Nikon, which had taken the full impact of my fall was still in one piece. I took the photo below just to prove to myself all was well - Nikon sure know how to build their cameras!!!! I also have to give credit to Leki as my walking poles, which had bridged the track and also taken my full weight across their length, showed no sign of damage.

This was however the last photo I took on the trail as soon after this we walked above the cloud line and visibility deteriorated so much that we abandoned the walk at the Three tarns and turned back the way we came - next time!

P.S. here is an old photo taken from the Three Tarns back in the late 1970's

Bowfell Links

You can see precisely where the photos were taken and view the actual route walked on GoogleEarth by following the link below, or just move your mouse over the blue waypoints.

The Band & Three Tarns at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

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