Langdale Pikes & Side Pike from Lingmoor Fell

Location: On the path from Blea Tarn House to the top of Lingmoor Fell

Camera Work: ISO 100, Raw(12bit), Focal length 62mm, F/5.3, 1/80sec, Color Mode II

Technique: Andrew & I had driven from Sheffield with the sole intention of walking Lingmoor Fell getting some snapshots and returning to Sheffield that evening. The intention is to return for a longer period - perhaps late Summer.

Post Capture: In Capture NX2

Picture Control: changed in camera default settings to

  • color mode - Mode IIIa
  • sharpening - High
  • Tone Compensation - High Contrast
  • Saturation - enhanced

Quick Fix:

  • exposure compensation -1.0ev
  • contrast 21%
  • highlight protection 28%
  • shadow protection 60%
  • curves adjustment

Crop - mainly to get rid of clipped highlights in the top right (cloud)

Inspiration: I'd never walked Lingmoor Fell before. While Camping at the Langdale National Trust camp site; Side Pike towered above us but the walk didn't ever look much. I was tempted only after seeing some of the photographs of Jon Allison So it was a first visit and I didn't really have much idea of what to expect. But....
The place is gorgeous; covered in heathers that must look amazing in August and with views of the Langdale Pikes, Bowfell, the Crinckles and Coniston. I could spend a week up here. Unfortunately the weather was awful and we had to be back in Sheffield that evening.

Frankly I didn't have to do much walking around to compose shots - they just appeared around every bend and over every raise in the ground. And thanks to the rain and snow the colours of the grass and heather were already saturated. The biggest problem was the sky and light which changed by the second thanks to the very high winds.

Style: almost a snapshot. The scene just appeared!

For more of the Lakes (incl. some of the Lingmoor Fell snapshots) see my Flickr Lake District set at

To investigate the walking route and/or download the route to your GPS follow the link to

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