Holkham in Winter (February 2009)

Location: Holkham Bay (again)
Ready for Take Off down the Holkham Runway

The first real snow of the winter was supposed to happen today. Unfortunately while the rest of the country had up to 20 inches of snow (the worst in 18 years), Norfolk only had an inch. With all the warning we had over the past week, I had planned to get some unusual photos on the beach and in the woods - Oh well I took off for the beach anyway.

All flights grounded!
The light was awful and the wind was howling and full of sleet. All in all a less than perfect day for taking pictures.

The wind was howling!

I have an enormous dislike of noise of any kind in my photos, so I stuck with ISO 100 for most photos and struggled with low shooting speeds (esp. with the high wind constantly buffeting me). I had to put all my confidence in my VR (vibration reduction) lens to keep my images sharp.

The sand was blown across the beach to cover the new snow on the dunes

The woods behind the dunes
Later in the woods, I had no option but to use ISO 1600 and later during post processing I was surprised to see little or no noise! Could the sub zero temperatures have had something to do with that?
more of the woods
On the way back to the car - soaked and frozen to the core this grey squirrel ran in front of me (just a couple of feet away) and up into the branch of a tree, just above my head. It wasn't in the least bit concerned by my presence. Even as I fumbled to get the camera out of its bag it just kept looking at me. I didn't feel I had much time to get the shot - so I pointed and shot at 1/5 sec. just as it decided to retreat to safer ground! Damn, I wish I'd left the camera on the Automatic program.

Fearless 'Nutty' the grey squirrel

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