Stanage Edge

Location: Stanage Edge in the Peak District

Camera Work: Nikon D80, ISO 100, 1/125sec., F 5.6, Focal Length 32mm
I exposed for the detail in the foreground rock face which was to be the subject of the shot. I assumed that the sky, which was an overcast flat grey, would pose no real problems that I couldn't resolve during RAW processing.

Technique: This was my first visit to Stanage (although I had walked much of the surrounding area), and I didn't really know what to expect. It has been described as the longest climbing wall in England so I had a vague idea in my head of capturing a climbers viewpoint (without actually having to do any climbing myself).

Post Capture: Well clearly the sky was all wrong, but as anticipated this just required an adjustment to the White Balance. Capture NX2 allows you to adjust white balance in one of 2 ways, either set the colour temperature or set the gray point I chose the latter and was quite surprised by the result. The flat gray cloud I was expecting turned out to be full of detail which I chose to bring out by reducing the exposure by 1.5 ev. Although this left the rock face looking underexposed I was able to restore detail by adjusting shadow protection to 50%.

Then, apart from adjusting the Black & White points (which I do routinely to improve print quality) all I had to do was crop to bring the rock face closer (to better show the steepness) and remove the flat featureless horizon to the left of High Neb.

Inspiration: The good old days when I was fit and agile enough to have climbed these wonderful rock faces. (I have to leave it to Andrew & Hannah now).

Style: Organised Landscape

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