The Roaches

Location: The Roaches in the Peak District

Camera Work: FinePix S9500 - RAW(16bit), ISO 200, exposure: 1/400sec f/5.6, focal length 17mm. Auto exposure

Technique: The weather was windy but clear. I planned to walk the entire edge taking snapshots of the various views as we walked (paying no particular attention to composition). On the return leg I then hoped to spend more time finding a good composition. As it happened Barbara was exhausted at the end of the first leg and we decided to take an easier route, along the road, back to the car. Fortunately this snapshot was taken just as the sun passed from behind a cloud to shine on the middle outcrop - there was no real time to plan the shot, moments later all three outcrops were in full sun and the moment was gone.

Post Capture: The Auto Exposure program made a complete mess of the sky and right hand horizon. I was unable to recover it so had no option but to crop. The only other required processing was to reduce the noise to an 'acceptable' level (something I found very irritating about the Finepix, when shooting RAW), and tweak curves to emphasise the sunshine on the rocks.

Inspiration: I wanted to capture the moment when the sun broke through and shone on the middle of the three outcrops. All previous (and future) visits to this place have been in gloomy, overcast conditions which frankly make this place slightly depressing. Very soon after this shot was taken the high winds blew in a hail storm and Barbara and I had to take cover while it blew over. This image attempts to capture that very brief moment when our spirits were lifted.

Style: snapshot Landscape

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