Lake Trasimeno

Location: Lake Trasimeno, Italy

Camera Work: Nikon D80, ISO 200, RAW(12bit), Focal Length 58mm, F13, 1/500 sec.

Technique: I'd always wanted to produce one of those atmospheric landscape shots where all you see are the blue silhouettes of distant fields and mountains. Well here in Trasimeno the haze was perfect for just such a shot. (Haze is the scattering of light by fine particles in the atmosphere - the effect on a landscape is to make it appear paler at a distance, so that colour, contrast and definition gradually drain away into the distance). The conditions lasted all day so I had plenty of time to compose the shot. I walked the banks and took dozens of photos from all angles. I even to shots that I would later be able to stitch together to form panoramic views. To achieve the effect I wanted however, all I had to do was remove the polarizing filter (which I usually have semi-permanently fixed to my lens), and keep the island in the shot to add depth.

Post Capture: In Capture NX2 - I could have changed the white balance to give a cooler/bluer cast, but opted to leave it alone and instead tweak the saturation and contrast during the RAW conversion (after all its the colour and contrast that the haze changes - all I wanted to do was make minor adjustments to the degree of haze, if that makes sense).

I then just levelled the horizon and cropped.

I was tempted to reduce the colour noise but after further experimentation I chose to stick with the noise.

Inspiration: There was no real emotional response to the scene other than some excitement at being able at long last to satisfy a long held ambition to produce such a shot - similar to all those seen in pictorial calendars, books, etc.
Another long standing ambition is to get myself out of bed early enough to climb a mountain and witness a temperature inversion e.g. but that's something for another day.

Style: organised Landscape

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