Hunstanton Beach

Location: Hunstanton Beach on the North Norfolk coast

Camera Work: Nikon D80, RAW(12bit), ISO 200, Exposure: 1/200sec. F/13 Aperture Priority, Focal Length 105mm.

Technique: This is a favourite walk for Barbara & I. Its full of photo opportunities esp. when the tide is out. Today it was almost high tide and didn't really expect to capture anything. But at the end of the outward leg of our walk I was pleasantly surprised by this view. I always try to do something with this long line of groynes - but I've always been disappointed with the results. Today with the tide in, and those wonderful beams of light, there was some added drama. I just had to find the right viewpoint (quickly) to bring all the elements together. I was conscious of the 'clutter' on the left horizon and I needed to make the most of the line of groynes.

I had no option but to wade into the (shallow) sea and jump onto one of the boulders (covered in slippery wet weed). Then it was just a matter of waiting for the right wave to roll in.

Post Capture: In Nikon Capture NX2 RAW Processing I added; 50% Highlight Protection, 13% Shadow Protection and increased Saturation by 25%.

I then created a selection (with a large soft brush) over the sky and increased Contrast by 7% and reduced Brightness by 37%. This had the effect of giving me a much clearer (and brighter) horizon, thereby increasing the sense of perspective (by creating a separate layer of light over the dark sea). It also had a pleasing effect on the single cloud and served to emphasise the movement of the seagulls.

Finally I cropped the remaining unsightly clutter at the left of the frame.

Inspiration: I was trying to communicate the rhythm and movement of the tide and seagulls against the backdrop of a motionless but threatening sky - the line of waves draw your eyes in to the line of groynes being illuminated by the subtle rays of sunlight emerging from threatening clouds.

Style: Organised Landscape

P.S. Just minutes later the scene and the light changed to this (by the way it was only 1:30p.m.) .......

Whereas the earlier shot, authentically captures a cold January day this later shot with its golden horizon appears warmer despite the brooding clouds above. I am satisfied that the earlier shot captures the mood of the walk while the latter, even though more dramatic, fails completely.

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  1. This is great. I want to be a photographer when I'm older and this has given me inspiration and ideas. Thx!



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