Early April in The Langdales

Location: The Langdale Peaks taken from Baysbrown campsite

Camera Work: ISO 200, 1/300 sec., F2.8, focal length 21.6mm, RAW(16bit)
Exposed using Auto Landscape program (I didn't trust myself to expose correctly in this difficult light).

Technique: This was taken during a short break camping and walking holiday, with Andrew. We had just finished pitching our tent when I noticed the light shining across the ridge from behind a rapidly approaching bank of storm clouds. I had no time to plan the shot. I just picked up the camera, set it to the Auto Landscape program and clicked.

Post Capture: The Auto program failed to do the scene any justice:

  • all detail in the storm clouds was washed out, and
  • the vibrant colours of the dry braken and heathers is completely lost
In Photoshop I had to:

  • adjust the White, Black and Grey points to restore the colours, and
  • adjust shadow, highlights, mid tones and tweak the saturation to restore the cloud detail.
Unfortunately the image also suffers from so much colour noise that it's almost unrecoverable, except when viewed from a distance. I found it impossible to reconcile the blurring of noise removal with an acceptable level of sharpness.

To date post processing to recover this picture has been a succession of NO moments, but I'll persevere.

Inspiration: The sheer beauty of the pictures nature can paint with a single ray of light on a three dimensional canvas

Style: Landscape snapshot

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