The Creative Act

The never ending struggle is how to capture the emotion that inspires me. So that I can feel that emotion again when I look at the photograph. But perhaps more difficult - so that I can communicate the promise of that landscape to someone else (esp. my family). I want the photograph to inspire my children to visit the place and perhaps, if the conditions are right, relive my emotions.

To be perfectly honest - to date all of my successful pictures have been lucky snapshots. Although I have some technical ability, invariably the moment is often so fleeting that I don't yet have the instinctive reactions to be able to apply correct techniques in the short time available. More often than not the creative act is in the post processing of the image.

Even when time permits, for example those moody peaceful landscapes that put you into a meditative mood. Well I'd rather just sit and soak up the atmosphere rather than loose the moment by racking my brain trying to capture the mood in the camera. A bird in the hand. I suppose the issue is, that I need a long time to tune into exactly what it is, that I am seeing, that has generated my emotional response.

So I take snapshots and spend hours trying to recreate the mood in Photoshop or Capture NX. Is that wrong? No. I think that's simply the difference between the amateur and the professional. (The professional has no option but to steal himself away from the moment to capture it - his living depends on it).

When you think about it this is exactly what the Landscape painter has done for 100's of years. He has 'post processed' the scene. He has exaggerated shadows to create texture and depth. He's introduced interesting foreground objects to create depth, etc., etc..

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